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 Acanthamoeba astronyxis

Ray & Hayes, 1954

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1; Acanthamoeba astronyxis (アカントアメーバ), 2; Cysts of astronyxids (group I)

Small free-living amoebae belonging to the genus Acanthamoeba are the most common amoebae found in the soil and the other various environments.
The life cycle of Acanthamoeba is divided into two stages: the trophozoite and the cyst. The cyst of Acanthamoeba is characterized by a double walled envelope(exocyst and endocyst).
by T. Tsuruhara 鶴原 喬(東京学芸大)
  1. 形態

    Similar species: A. albida, A. comandoni, A. tubiashi


  2. 生態

  3. 遺伝

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