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To Japanese
Introduction Beginner's Guide
Kodansha Panorama Illustrated Book
Japanese Morning Glory,
Ipomoea nil
(= Pharbitis nil)
Encyclopedia of Morning Glories
Family Convolvulaceae, Genus Ipomoea, Section Pharbitis
Phylogeny and genetics
Wild & Local strains, Mutant & Large-flowered strains, etc.
Tissue culture & morphogenesis
Tissue culture, etc.
Physiology in Pharbitis nil
Flowering physiology, etc. by K. Wada (Niigata Univ.)
Closely related species
I. hederacea, I. indica,
I. purpurea
Interspecific Hybrids
I. nil x related species,
related sp. x related sp.,etc.
Wild and Local strains of I. nil in the World
East & Southeast Asian, West Asian, Oceanic, South American, African, Afternoon flower-opening Morning glory, etc.
Image Archives
Convolvulaceae : Genus Ipomoea : Wild & Local strains : Old pictures : Mutant & Large-flowered strains of I.nil : I. hederacea : I. purpurea : I. indica : Interspecific hybrids

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