Morning Glories Database


Copyright 1998-2017 by Yoshiaki Yoneda

Purpose of constructing this database

Asagao, the morning glory (Ipomoea nil), with its many gene mutants, is one of the traditional horticultural flowers in Japan. In this database, the author mainly collected various images of the mutants of Ipomoea nil, closely related species and interspecific hybrids. Also included are gardening plants of Convolvulaceae. Each image is accompanied by a description and references.
Lists of related books and articles in various fields are provided, along with lists of older literature and Web links concerning the morning glory.

Selection of images

As far as possible, the author selected color images that are different from those appearing in two of my earlier books, "Natural-color illustrated monograph of Japanese morning glory" (1981) and "Asagao, a gift from the Edo era: From dreams to science" (1995).

Plan for the future

  1. Fleshing out of each item (in progress)
  2. Addition of color images related to morning glory breeding in the future (in progress)
  3. Addition of color images related to the physiology of the morning glory (in progress)

New additions

  1. As the morning glory guide,"The Japanese Morning Glory (Ipomoea nil, Asagao in Japanese) " Kodansha Panorama Illustrated Book (Yoneda, Project supervisor; Takemura, Photographer) had been digitized and included in this database.

Edited by Yuuji Tsukii (Lab. Biology, Science Research Center, Hosei University)