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Spirotrichea: Stichotrichida: Amphisiellidae

Borror, 1972

Suborder: Ventral cirri as 1 or more files of varied length; linear.
Family: Cirri in 2 marginal, 1 frontoventral files; cirral files straight; more than 1 frontoventral file extends past middle of body (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

Genus: Cell body ovoid or elongate with numerous longitudinal ventral files (cirral rows); buccal cavity not extensive; frontal cirri clearly differentiated from others; two macronuclei (Carey, 1992).
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P. dispar ?
147 x 44 μm
135 x 42 μm
Japan, 199?
P. gibba ?
133 x 60 μm
147 x 69 μm
Japan, 199?
Similar Genus -> > Holosticha; Balladyna; Urostyla; Amphisiella

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