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Copyright Notice

The owners of the copyright of the images (or other data) in this database are the contributors of the images (or other data). All rights reserved.
# The names of the contributors (copyright owners) for each image are shown in the "specimen" web pages.

For non-profit use

The use of the images or other data in this database is free of charge if the objective is academic study or educational purposes. However, if you use them in public space (e.g. printing, meetings, internet, etc.), you must obtain permission from the copyright owner before use.

For the permission, please contact contributors (copyright owners) of the images or data. When asking contributors, please specify the URLs of the images or data you want to use for confirming copyright by the contributors.
For example,
Pediastrum muticum, URL:

And you must fulfill the following conditions when you use the images or data:
1) Please show the name of the contributor for each image or data as a credit line.
2) Please add the name of our server and its URL as follows:
Protist Information Server, URL:

For commercial use

Reproduction or republication of images or data for commercial purposes is prohibited without written permission.
For the permission, please contact contributors of the images or data (copyright owners).

For more information, please mail to

This database is supported by the "Soken-Taxa" project "Construction of Biological Image Databases" at The Graduate University for Advanced Studies, and by the "Bio-Resource" project "Fundamental research and development for databasing and networking culture collection information" at JST (Japan Science and Technology Corporation).

Edited by Yuuji Tsukii (Laboratory of Biology, Hosei University)