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Spirotrichea: Stichotrichida: Urostylina: Urostylidae

Holosticha polystylata
Syn.: Keronopsis rubra (Ehrenberg, 1838) Kahl, 1930-5; Oxytricha rubra Ehrenberg, 1838; Holosticha flavorubra Entz, 1884
Identified by Tadao Matsusaka at Kumamoto University

Family: Oral area not U-shaped.
Genus: Many species; usually ovoid or elongate in shape; AZM 1/4 of the body length; two rows of ventral cirri; frontal cirri present (Carey, 1992). Frontventral cirri in zig-zag files; rear rounded, body oval to long (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

Species: A common species; anterior rounded, posterior blunted; 300 μm long; peristome 1/4 body length; coloured red or yellow; many macronuclei small & ovoid (Carey, 1992).

intact cells
200-212 x 67 μm
Japan, 199?
Protargol stain

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2 or more right marginal files of cirri .
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