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Colombian Colombia Y024

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This is a wild strain from Cesar district in Colombia. The hypocotyl has a reddish tinge, and the cotyledonary veins are red, too. There are epidermal hairs in the upper half of the hypocotyls. The cotyledonary petiole has dense hairs, too. Under natural conditions at Shizuoka-city, flower buds were finally recognized in late October. The corolla is light blue, but its throat and midpetaline bands have a bit of a reddish tinge. The flower diameter is 6 cm. The flower tube is white. Light-brown epidermal hairs extend to the calyx. One flower is generally observed per peduncle, but there can frequently be up to four. This strain closely resembles Colombian Y023 in many characteristics.
Colombia Y024-1
Panoramic view
Colombia Y024-2
Cotyledon compared with that of Y023 strain (left)
Colombia Y024-3
Hypocotyl and cotyledonary petiole
Colombia Y024-4
Hypocotyl and cotyledonary petiole
Colombia Y024-5
Cotyledon and 1st leaf
Colombia Y024-6
From 1st leaf to 4th leaf
Colombia Y024-7
Colombia Y024-8
Leaf and flower
Colombia Y024-9
Colombia Y024-10
Calyx of the opening flower
Colombia Y024-11
Colombia Y024-12
Colombia Y024-13

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