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Papers on the significance of distributed public domain databases in biology
A List of Biodiversity Websites in Japan New !
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Microorganisms; Fungi; Plants; Insects; Other Invertebrates; Vertebrates; Coposite sites
Public Domain Image Databases for Taxonomic Research and Education:
A Case Study, Protist Image Database
Yuuji Tsukii, Akira Kihara, Yoshihiro Ugawa,
Join Forum: Taxonomy Initiatives for Biodiversity Conservation in an IT Era,
January 13-14, 2001, in press.
Distributed public domain databases of biological information on Internet
Yuuji Tsukii, Akira Kihara, Yoshihiro Ugawa,
Japanese Journal of Computer Science , Vol.2, No.1: pp. 5-13, 1995.

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