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Filosea: Euglyphina: Euglyphidae

Trinema lineare

Trinema Species: Test elongate, small, usually scales invisible (= homogenous in appearance), 18-35 μm long, 7-17 μm wide; pseudostome 3-6 μm; scales 3-6 μm (Cash & Wailes, The British Freshwater Rhizopoda and Heliozoa vol. III, 1915).

Trinema lineare Penard (T. contraria small var. ?), cell body 34 μm long, 15 μm wide, pseudostome μm wide, x 640, Imori pond, Myoko-kogen (Myoko highland), Myoko village, Niigata Pref., Japan, November 7, 2004 by Y. Tsukii
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Trinema Trinema

T. contraria De Cloitre, 1961: 40-45 μm long, 20-22 wide, 20-23 high; test like T. enchelys but higher; pseudostome 6 x 11 μm, longer than broad (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

Similar genus Corythion Taranek, 1881: Test round or oval in cross-section; pseudostome anteroventral; scales irregularly scattered; rim of pseudostome incurved (Illustrated Guide, 1985). Taránek (Kudo, 1966).
C. dubium Taranek, 1881: 23-65 μm long, 16-40 wide, 12-20 high; test ovoid, unsymmetrically compressed, cross-section elliptical; pseudostome 5-16 μm, ventral, oblique, rim incurved (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

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