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Filosea: Gromiida: Euglyphina: Euglyphidae

Sphenoderia fissirostris

Sphenoderia Genus: Test more or less compressed; pseudostome elliptical on end of a clear collar (Illustrated Guide, 1985).
Species: Test ovoid, formed of 4 tarnsverse rows of oval scales; 28-45 μm long, 20-30 μm wide; pseudostome 8-16 μm; nucleus spherical 10-12 μm in diam. (Cash, 1915).

Sphenoderia fissirostris Penard, test 50 μm long, 26 μm wide, L/W=1.9, pseudostome 11 μm wide, scales 13 x 10 - 19 x 11 μm, x 640, wetland at Ichinose-enchi, Norikura highland, Azumi village, Nagano Pref., Japan, May 28, 2005 by Y. Tsukii
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Sphenoderia Sphenoderia Sphenoderia

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