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Euglenophyceae: Sphenomonadales
Euglenida: Sphenomonadida: Anisonemidae

Marsupiogaster sp.

Marsupiogaster Family: Colorless body; two flagella, one directed anteriorly and the other usually posteriorly; stigma absent.
Genus: Oval, flattened, longitudinally striated; anterior flagellum about four times longer than shorter trailing one; fresh or salt water (How to know the protozoa, 1979).

Marsupiogaster sp., cell body 18 μm long, 8.5 μm wide, anterior flagellum 43 μm long, recurrent (trailing) flagellum 23 μm long, x 400, x 640, Mashiko City, Tochigi-Pref., Japan, 1999, collected by H. Shiomizu, photo by Y. Tsukii
scale 50 μm scale 100 μm scale 150 μm; x 400 : scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Marsupiogaster Marsupiogaster

Marsupiogaster striata (Schewiakoff): 27 μm long (How to know the protozoa, 1979).

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