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Euglenophyceae: Euglenales

Lepocinclis salina
Fritsch, 1914

Lepocinclis Genus: Body more or less ovo-cylindrical; rigid with spirally striated pellicle; often with a short posterior spinous projection; stigma sometimes present; discoidal chromatophores (chloroplasts) numerous and marginal; paramylum bodies usually large and ring-shaped, laterally disposed; without pyrenoids; fresh water (Kudo, 1966).
Species: Cell body ovoidal, both ends rounded, 30-45 μm long, 22-31 μm wide; anterior end slightly depressed, whereby an opening for a canal located (near but not at the center of the apical end); locomotive flagellum long (about twice of the body length); a single paramylon body disc-shaped; pellicle spirally-striated at right hand; stigma large (An Illustrated Guide to Freshwater Zooplankton in Japan, 2000).

Lepocinclis salina Fritsch 1914, 1) cell length 39 μm, width 29 μm, 2) spirally striated pellicle, by H. Yoshino
Lepocinclis salina Lepocinclis salina Lepocinclis salina

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