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Euglenophyceae: Euglenales
Mastigophora: Euglenida

Euglena variabilis
G.A. Klebs 1883

Euglena variabilis Genus:
Species: Cells 31-39 μm long, 9-13 μm broad; strongly metabolic; fusiform or most frequently asymmetrically gourd-shaped, anterior end broadly rounded, undulated at middle portion of the cells and attenuated into a short blunt non-hyaline cauda; pellicle delicately spirally striated, 20-24 striae per 10 μm; chloroplast numerous, disk-shaped, parietal, 2~3m in diameter, without pyrenoids; paramylon grains dimorphic: one bigger rod-shaped (4-5 ~ 2-3 μm), located near the eyespot, numerous small granulate ones scatter in the cytoplasm; nucleus spherical, 5-7 μm in diameter, enclosed by some small paramylon grains, located dorsally at posterior portions of the cells; eyespot very prominent, curved lamellar-shaped, with convex face outward, 4-5 μm in length; locomotory flagellum body length.

Euglena variabilis Klebs, cell body 48 μm long, 13 μm wide, L/W=3.7, x 640, Nanbata castle park, Fujimi city, Saitama Pref., Japan, September 18, 2005 by Y. Tsukii
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Euglena variabilis Euglena variabilis Euglena variabilis Euglena variabilis Euglena variabilis

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