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Euglenophyceae: Euglenales
Mastigophora: Euglenida

Euglena sp.

by Chi Ling Wang
Dept. of Nature Science Education, National Chia-Yi Teacher's College, Taiwan

Euglena Genus: Spindle, cylindrical or band-form; pellicle usually marked by longitudinal or spiral striae; some with a thin pellicle highly plastic; stigma usually anterior; chloroplasts discoid, band-form, or fusiform; two paramylum bodies located on either side of nucleus, rod-like to ovoid in shape or numerous and scattered throughout; contractile vacuole near reservoir; cell division longitudinal (Kudo, 1966).

Euglena sp., cell with numerous discoid chloroplasts seems has a pyrenoid on it; with short cauda; seems without (or a few) paramylon grain (55 um x 12 um) nucleus 6um in diameter, locate at posterior part, x 1000, by Chi Ling Wang
Euglena Euglena Euglena

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