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Oligohymenophorea: Hymenostomatia: Scuticociliatida: Pleuronematina: Histiobalantiidae

Histiobalantium natans
(Claparède & lauterborn, 1858)
Syn. H. agile Stokes, 1886; Pleuronema inflatum Lauterborn, 1915?

Histiobalantium natans Genus: Ovoid; ciliation uniform; long stiff cilia (bristles) distributed over the body surface; peristome deep, both anterior and posterior regions with a well-developed membranes connected with undulating membrane (velum); two macronucleus; 1-2 micronuclei; several contractile vacuoles; fresh water (Kudo, 1966).

Histiobalantium natans (or H. marinum or a similar species), cell body 74 μm long, 39 μm wide, x 640, Imori pond, Myoko-kogen (Myoko highland), Myoko village, Niigata Pref., Japan, November 7, 2004 by Y. Tsukii
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Histiobalantium Histiobalantium Histiobalantium

Histiobalantium natans (Claparède & Lachmann): 70-110 μm long (Kudo, 1966).

Histiobalantium marinum Kahl, 1933: Reniform; oral area large, located centrally; 80 μm long (Carey, 1992).

Histiobalantium semisetatum Noland: Elongate ellipsoid; posterior end bluntly rounded; a single macronucleus spherical; longer cilia (bristles) on posterior half only; contractile vacuole on dorsal side; 126-205 μm long; salt water (Kudo, 1966).

Histiobalantium majus Kahl, 1931: Reniform, with a bluntly pointed posterior; oral area large; many trichocysts; 150 μm long (Carey, 1992).

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