Halteria Halteria

Spirotrichea: Oligotrichia: Oligotrichida: Halteriidae

Halteria grandinella
Dujardin, 1841

Halteria Family & Genus: Circumferential paratene (cirrus-like "bristles") usually polykinetid; body small, rounded (Illustrated Guide, 1985).
Genus: Spherical or broadly fusiform; anterior border bears conspicuous adoral zone (Kudo, 1966). Body circular or globular; AZM is composed of two sets membranelles; longer set emerges from the buccal cavity and wind around the apex of the cell; long, stiff cilia present equatorially; saltatorial locomotion quite common (Carey, 1992).

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Halteria sp (grandinella ?), cell body 25 μm long, 25 μm wide, bristles 15-25 μm long, x 400, x 640, Mashiko City, Tochigi-Pref., Japan, 1999, collected by H. Shiomizu, photo by Y. Tsukii
scale 50 μm scale 100 μm scale 150 μm; x 400 : scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Halteria Halteria Halteria

Halteria grandinella (Müller, 1773) Dujardin, 1841: Ovoid, 30 μm long; somatic cirri (bristles) grouped into 7 sets of 3 (Carey, 1992). 25-50 μm long; round or broadly oval body, with consipicuous flattened adoral zone surrounded by long membranelles; 7 groups of 3 cirri each in an equatorial ring around the body (How to know the protozoa, 1979).

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