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Nassophorea: Synhymeniida: Scaphidiodontidae

Chilodontopsis sp.
(Blockmann, 1895) Deroux, 1978

Chilodontopsis Genus: Both body surfaces ciliated (Illustrated Guide, 1985). Body ovoid or anterior projected toward left; flattened on both sides; both surface ciliated; cyrtos straight; a large macronucleus (Carey, 1992).
Similar species ->> Chilodonella; Trithigmostoma; Nassula

Chilodontopsis sp., cell body 50 μm long, 21 μm wide, anterior projected toward left, flattened on both sides, cyrtos straight, x 400,Japan, 1998 by Y. Tsukii
scale 50 μm scale 100 μm scale 150 μm; x 400
Chilodontopsis Chilodontopsis Chilodontopsis

Chilodontopsis simplex Ozaki & Yagiu, 1941: Elongate, 110 μm long; a large cytopharyngeal basket of the "cyrtos" type; slightly expanded anterior, posterior rounded; macronucleus large & ovoid; single contractile vacuole (Carey, 1992).

Chilodontopsis numerosa Ozaki & Yagiu, 1941: Elongate, anterior expaneded & posterior rounded; 200-250 μm long; single macronucleus ovoid or reniform; numerous large contractile vacuoles (Carey, 1992).

Chilodontopsis oblonga (Maupas, 1883) Kahl, 1931: Elongate, 100-120 μm long; posterior tapers, but anterior not expanded; cytopharyngeal apparatus typical of the genus; a large and ovoid macronucleus; single contractile vacuole terminal (Carey, 1992).

Chilodontopsis vorax (Stokes, 1886) Kahl, 1931: Elongate, 120-160 μm long; anterior curved to left, posterior rounded; long cytopharyngeal basket (Carey, 1992).

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