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Litostomatea: Haptoria: Haptorida: Trachelophyllidae

Chaenea sp.
Quennerstedt, 1867

Chaenea Genus: Body not flattened; no obvious dome; body kineties slightly spiralled; often contractile (Illustrated Guide, 1985). elongate or vermiform, circular in cross-section; highly contractile; cone-like proboscis absent; always elongate; a large contractile vacuole at posterior end (Carey, 1992).
Similar Genus ->> Trachelophyllum; Ileonema

Chaenea ? (or Rhopalophrya ? or Litonotus ?), cell body 82 μm long, 17 μm wide, x 640, drainage ditch, near Midori-no-oka park (under construction), Matsubushi city, Saitama Pref., Japan, February 15, 2004 by Y. Tsukii
scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Chaenea Chaenea Chaenea Chaenea Chaenea

Chaenea teres (Dujardin, 1841) Kahl, 1930 (Syn. Enchelys stricta Dujardin, 1841; Chaenea elongata Kahl, 1926; Chaenea limicola Kahl, 1928): Cell body ovoid or cylindrical, 150 μm long; kineties longitudinal, not spiral; a distinct snout when fully extended; not especially contractile; a tail region present; contractile vacuole terminal with satellite vacuoles; macronucleus comprises a large number of spherical units (Carey, 1992).

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