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Gamophyceae: Zygnematales: Desmidiaceae

Cosmarium pseudoexiguum
Raciborski var. pseudoexiguum
Species [ var. pseudoexiguum ]: Cell body small, L/W=2 or more, with deep constriction; semicells nearly rectangle in shape; apex and lateral margins slightly convexed; 18-25 μm long, 10-13.6 μm wide, isthmus 2-4 μm wide.
[ var. retusum Hirano ] Semicells trapezoid in shape; lateral margins nearly straight, narrowed toward apex; anterior half of the margins slanted and slightly concaved; 22-23 μm long, 12-13 μm wide, isthmus 3.4 μm wide.
[ var. hexagonum Grönblad ] Semicells hexagonal in shape, broadened toward apex; 18-19.6 μm long, 10.7-12.6 μm wide, isthmus 3-4.3 μm wide.
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