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Gamophyceae: Zygnematales: Desmidiaceae or Closteriaceae

Closterium littorale
F. Gay

Closterium littorale Genus: Cell body crescent in shape (long, curved, tapered at both ends); cross section rounded; cell wall smooth or with longitudinal lines, bands on the cell wall in some species; chloroplast laminae ridged and radially arranged, which makes cross section star-shaped; pyrenoids aligned or scattered (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).
Species: Cell body 130-(154-280) μm long, 15-25 μm wide, L/W=10-12; slightly swelled at the center, innter side nearly straight, both ends rounded; cell wall smooth, transparent; 5-7 pyrenoids in each semicell (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).
Similar species -->> C. cornu (L/W=16-17); C. sinense (L/W=8-12);

Closterium littorale Gay, cell body 290 μm long, 27 μm wide, L/W=10.7, cell wall smooth ?, x 200, x 400, x 640, a small pond near a gymnasium at Yamaguchi university, Yamaguchi city, Yamaguchi Pref., November 21, 2004, by Y. Tsukii
scale 50 μm scale 100 μm scale 150 μm; x 400 : scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640
Closterium Closterium Closterium Closterium Closterium

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