Spirotrichea: Stichotrichia: Stichotrichina: Gonostomatidae


Suborder: Ventral cirri as 1 or more files of varied length; linear.
Family: With 2 or more frontoventral cirral files parallel to long axis of ora region along its right border; at least 2 frontoventral files extend almost length of body (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

Genus: Cirral files not extend backward as far as transverse group (Illustrated Guide, 1985). Rsembles Oxytricha; but with three frontal, 2 rows of ventral, 4 caudal (transverse ?) cirri; longer adoral zone (How to know the protozoa, 1979).

Gonostomum, x 400, x 640, Uruguay Nov. 1999, photo by Yuuji Tsukii
scale 50 μm scale 100 μm scale 150 μm; x 400 : scale 31 μm scale 63 μm scale 94 μm; x 640

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