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Heterokonta: Xanthophyceae: Tribonematales

Xanthonema solidum
By Pavel Skaloud (photo and identification)
Department of Botany, Charles University, Prague

Xanthonema Genus:

Xanthonema solidum, unbranched filaments, cell cylindrical, clearly constricted at cross walls, chloroplasts parietal, plate shape, 2 in young, 2-6(-8) in older cells. Cells 6-20 μm long, 5-7 (-9) μm wide, x 1000, aerophytic on stone, top of the Borec Hill, Ceske Stredohori Mountains, Czech Republic, November 2001, by P. Skaloud
 Xanthonema solidum  Xanthonema solidum  Xanthonema solidum

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