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Heterokonta: Eustigmatophyceae: Eustigmatales

Eustigmatos vischeri
By Pavel Skaloud (photo and identification)
Department of Botany, Charles University, Prague

Eustigmatos Genus:

Eustigmatos vischeri, round cells with thin cell wall. Within the cell, there is a conspicuous orange-red eyespot, which lies outside the chloroplast. It consist of a number of carotenoid-containing globules, which are not enclosed by membranes. Cells are 8-12 μm in diam., x 1000. Locality: soil sample, top of the Borec Hill, Ceske Stredohori Mountains, Czech Republic, August 2001, by P. Skaloud
 Eustigmatos vischeri  Eustigmatos vischeri

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