Euglenophyceae: Euglenales
Mastigophora: Euglenida

Euglena hemichromata

Identified by Chi Ling Wang at Dept. of Nature Science Education, National Chia-Yi Teacher's College, Taiwan

Species: Cells 82-92 μm long, 16-22 μm broad; moderately to strongly metabolic; elongate-fusiform to cylindrical, anterior end truncated to rounded, posterior end swelling slightly and constricted into a short non-hyaline cauda, 2-4 μm; periplast spirally striated; chloroplast numerous, without pyrenoid, discoid, parietal, distribute at the posterior portion of cell; paramylon grains very numerous, rod-shaped or discoid, locate at the anterior portion of the cell; nucleus spherical, 5-9 μm in diameter, located at the back portion of the cells; locomotory flagellum one half body length, 42 μm; eyespot curved lamella-shaped, with the convex face outward , prominent, red to orange color, 2.5 μm in diameter.
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Euglena hemichromata, 66 μm long, 14 μm wide, x 400, x 1000, by Chi Ling Wang
50 um 100 um 150 um; x 400 : 20 um 40 um 60 um; x 1000

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