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Nassophorea: Peniculida: Frontoniina: Frontoniidae

Ehrenberg, 1838

Family: Oral nematodesmata not a ring around mouth, more prominent to side and rear of mouth; typically 3 long, large polykinetids in oral cavity; cytostome expands along postoral suture .
Genus: Postoral kineties usually to left of oral poykinetids (Illustrated Guide, 1985). Left edge is more curved than right edge; cytopharynx with numerous strong fibrils; ectoplasm with numerous fusiform trichocysts; macronucleus oval; one to several micronulei (Kudo, 1966).

F. depressa
72 x 36 μm
Japan, 1998

F. depressa
Japan, 1998

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