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Chlorophyta: Chlorophyceae: Volvocales: Volvocaceae

(Linnaeus, 1758) Ehrenberg

Family: Colonies consisting of a fixed number of cells (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).
Genus: Colonies (coenobia) up to 1.5 mm diam.; many cells (500-60,000) in single layer; somatic cells identical, variable shape, with 2 outwardly directed flagella; asexual reproduction by formation of a daughter colony by loss of flagella and repeated division of a gonidium to produce a small hollow sphere of cells in which flagellar bases and nuclei are oriented inwards; before being released, daughter colony undergoes "inversion" turning inside out; flagella then form (Illustrated Guide, 1985).

V. globactor
9 clips
Japan, 1999

V. globactor
6 clips
Japan, 1999

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