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Chlorophyta: Gamophyceae: Zygnematales: Desmidiaceae

Cosmarium maculatum

Genus: Unicellular; variable in shape; a constriction at the center of the cell body; mostly longer than wide; flattened; each semicell hemispherical, spherical, ellipsoidal, rectangular, pyramidal or kidney-shaped; no apical indentation (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).
Species: Cell body large in size, 138-168 μm long, 73-90 μm wide, L/W=2; constriction 39-45 μm wide; semicells half-elliptical or ovoidal; cell wall dotted (Illustrations of the Japanese fresh-water algae, 1977).

Cosmarium maculatum Turner, tape No. 0067, time code 0559, cell body 136 μm long, 64 μm wide, Hiroshima Pref., Japan, September 1998, by Y. Tsukii

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