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Sarcodia: Lobosea: Gymnamoebia: Amoebida: Conopodina: Mayorellidae

Oscillosignum proboscidium
Bovee 1953

Genus: Granular, clear-tiped pseudopods formed from cell body as well as anterior margin, not swung at bases during retraction; pseudopod arches, fastens at tip; body passes through it (Illustrated Guide, 1985).
Species: 25-60 μm long without long pseudopodium; like Mayorella, but sometimes forms a long pseudopodium which waves about before bending and attaching; other pseudopodia in pairs (How to know the protozoa, 1979).

Oscillosignum sp. (proboscidium ?), tape No. 0102, time code 0000, cell body μm long, pseudopods μm long, x 400, x 640, Japan, 199? by Y. Tsukii

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