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Heliozoea: Ciliophryida (Page & Siemensma, 1991; Protistology 3rd ed., 2003)
Silicoflagellata: Pedinellales (Illustrated guide, 2000)
Dictyochophyceae: Ciliophryales

Ciliophrys sp.
Cienkowsky, 1875 (Illustrated guide, 2000)
Cienkowski, 1876 (Page & Siemensma, 1991)

Genus: With extremely fine radiating filopodia; with a single flagellum which is difficult to distinguish from the numerous filopodia, but becomes conspicuous when the pseudopodia are withdrawn (Kudo, 1966).

Ciliophrys sp., tape No. 0120, time code 0644, xxxx, xxxx city, xxxx Pref. Japan,199? by Y. Tsukii

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