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Colombian Colombia Y025

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This is a wild strain from Magdalena district in Colombia. The hypocotyls have a tinge of light red, but the cotyledons are green. The epidermal hairs extend to the hypocotyl and to the cotyledonary petiole. The leaf is of The main lobe-intermediate, and it is small. The corolla is fairly light blue. The diameter of the flower is ca. 5 cm. The flower tube is white. Light-brown epidermal hairs extend to the calyx. Under natural conditions at Shizuoka-city, flower buds are recognized in the middle of October. A distinguishing characteristic is that the tip of the sepal bends when a flower is budding. One flower is generally observed per peduncle, but there can frequently be two. The flower color of this strain is a little more intense than that of the Africa strain.
Colombia Y025-1
Panoramic view
Colombia Y025-2
Panoramic view
Colombia Y025-3
Colombia Y025-4
Colombia Y025-5
From 1st leaf to 3rd leaf
Colombia Y025-6
Colombia Y025-7
Flower bud
Colombia Y025-8
Leaf and flower
Colombia Y025-9
Colombia Y025-10
Calyx of the opening flower
Colombia Y025-11
Colombia Y025-12

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