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Morning glory Ipomoea nil (= Pharbitis nil)

Tokyo Kokei Standard-9, TKS-9, Leaves

Copyright 1998-2017 Yoshiaki Yoneda

The leaf is a main lobe narrow type with three pointed lobes. In old times this was called Tuneha or Namiba (ordinary leaf). The author classified the leaf form of the morning glory, Ipomoea nil, into a narrow main lobe type, a wide main lobe type, a main lobe intermediate type and others. Many Asian strains are of the narrow main lobe type. The wide main lobe type is found in African and Brazilian strains. The intermediate type is found in Columbian and Australian strains. Please observe the photographs of the leaves of each strain. (580-34 2001.7.18 photo by YY)

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Edited by Yuuji Tsukii (Lab. Biology, Science Research Center, Hosei University)