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Chlorophyceae: Chlorococcales: Scenedesmaceae

Coelastrum astroideum
Ne Notaris var. astrodeum

Genus: Colonies spherical, with inner empty space; cells attached to each other by a protrusion of cell wall, arranged in a single layer; cell body mostly spherical with some conical or grobular bulges; chloroplasts cup-shaped with a pyrenoid; reproduction by asexual coenobium (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).

Coelastrum astroideum Ne Notaris var. astrodeum ?, tape No. 0128, time code 0355, colony 50 μm in diam., cell body μm long, μm wide, x 400, x 640, Higashi-hiroshima, Hiroshima Pref., Japan, September 1998 by Y. Tsukii

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