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Chlorophyceae: Chlorococcales: Chlorococcaceae

Chlorococcum sp.
Meneghini 1842

Family: Unicells; cell body spherical or broad ellipsoidal; chloroplasts 1 to several in number, cup-shaped or plate-like, reticulated or star-shaped; with or without pyrenoids; reproduction by autospores and zoospores; many species found in soil (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).
Genus: Subaerial algae; cell body without gelatinous coat; a single chloroplast cup-shaped with a pyrenoid (Illustrations of The Japanese Fresh-water Algae, 1977).

Chlorococcum sp., tape No. 0135, time code 0000, μm long, μm wide, Japan, 199? by Y. Tsukii

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